Restored Photo

DIY Photo Restoration

I have a friend … Truth be told, she's more of a seester, and this seester is also my top commentor on Love My DIY Home. Linda and her (my other) sister, Pam, are my adopted sisters – and I even have have a certificate to prove it! Years ago one of them photoshopped my picture into their family photo … Read more

Pantry Organization DIY

Updated DIY Pantry Reveal

To have an organized pantry makes things so much easier… It wasn’t a terrible mess, but it certainly desperately needed to be organized and pretty. Pretty doesn’t hurt. Seriously. Isn’t it nice to have something that you visit every day look inviting? Here is a “before” picture, Not bad. Functional. It was OK. But OK isn’t good enough for me. … Read more

crisis chart by cooldesign

Helpful Websites for DIY Crisis Prep

  Since looking into pantry preparedness, I've learned a lot along the way and I'd like to share what I've learned. That led me to ask myself, "Am I negligent in the area of crisis preparedness?" I decided I needed to make a list of the helpful websites I found while investigating the subject of crisis preparedness and share them … Read more

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils – Amazing Theraputic Value!

  Essential Oils ESSENTIAL OILS!!! This has been a very exciting month for us. We invested (don't ya love it when people say "invested"?) in the Premium Starter Kit for the  Young LIving Essential Oils.   I say "invested" because at first glance, the cost of $150 is enough to warrant the word "invested". It strikes fear in the pocketbook … Read more

Free gifts for joining Love My DIY Home

From Trash to Treasure – DIY Hurricane Lamp Candle Holder

There isn’t always paint involved, or sanding or even glue in every DIY project. A friend was dumping a bunch of old deco at Goodwill and offered to let me look through her box. Woohoo! A DIY’ers hayday! I’m working on four projects today, this one was a 30 second redo… No paint. No glue. No sanding. Nada. Here is … Read more