Drum Table Flip {Love My DIY Home}

10 Step DIY French Provincial Drum Table Revival by Maria LaBelle

10 step DIY by Maria LaBelle. Maria is my Facebook friend on a furniture painting page who does beautiful work. Two things caught my eye when I saw her project – the crisp clean look and the use of Java Gel, a new product I just picked up but haven't used yet.   The 10 step process turning a French … Read more

Direct Composting {Love My DIY Home}

Direct Composting – Improving Garden Soil

No Bin No Way We considered buying a rotating compost bin for our garden to use scraps from the kitchen to improve our garden soil, but they were all pricey and I didn't like the idea of having to dump our scraps into a stinky bin and having to turn it to keep it aerated.   You may call it … Read more

Subsciber Furniture Flip {Love My DIY Home}

More Furniture Flips by LMDH Subscriber Sandra Amigo

Not long ago I showed you some Furniture Flips by Sandra Amigo and now I have a couple more for you… Sometimes you like the "before" but then you see the "after" and you're like… "WHOA!" This is that time. Sandra is a FAB FLIPPER! Here is the before:   Sandra told me, "I also made my own version of … Read more