A Christmas Gift for Jillian

  My DD, Jillian, is my Social Media Specialist for my furniture flipping business and is way under paid. Picture her holding up a sign that says, “I work for paint.” Not to mention the patience her DH, Taylor, has shown in regard to her time spent on the forum. So I figured I’d grab one of the pieces she’s hinted that she’d like to have one day with a, “So…what do you plan to do with that piece?”  We find so many cool pieces, and she spends so much time on my social media accounts, how could I not paint her something for Christmas? So here is the “before.” Nothing special, just an old outdated three tiered plant stand. BUT, “nothing special” can be so easily turned into, “This is amazing,” with a little paint and creativity.   BEFORE   I never did get any ideas out of her as to how she wanted it painted. So I got … Read more

6 Adirondack Chairs Cloned for Christmas

Christmas Time is a GREAT Time to DIY To buy an Adirondak chair, just one chair, will set you back about $50…EACH. Jillian and I wanted to go in together to get my DD, her sister, a set of Ardirondak chairs, but they were out of our price range. Well, one isn’t, but six? No way. We love her, but $300 is a bit steep for us. So, Jillian found some hither and yon, advertised on Craig’s List and FB, used, beat up and for a decent price. I already had the supplies, so we got busy and fixed, sanded, painted, dry brushed and topcoated all the chairs to match. Our guys, Mark and Taylor, repaired and scraped and sanded off the old paint. Then we primed with our HomeRight sprayer. And then painted with our HomeRight sprayer. We mixed several colors to get the blue we had in mind and then sprayed every chair so they would match. After … Read more

MCM End Table {Love My DIY Home}

An MCM Road Rescue by the DH

#sponsored DH brought home a side of the road freebie last summer. 14 months ago I cleaned and sanded it. A few months ago I primed it. Just yesterday I finally got to painting it.   Go Bold or Go home, right?   So here it is in the raw…sad and unwanted, tossed out for the garbage truck. It’s a Mersman MCM. And it was Uggg-Lee.           Here is my disclaimer regarding the MCM label in case anyone cares: When researching this table, we could find nothing that placed it into the mid-century or mid-century modern category. Though Mersman tables are plenteous, there aren’t any out there like this one. So who knows? Mid-Century…Mid-Century Modern? Vintage? Antique? Either way, it’s old and not from this era. The store closed down in the mid 90s and produced more than their share of tables for around 100 years. If you know details, please share in the comments. So … Read more

A Great Stocking Stuffer and a Little Bit of Christmas Nostalgia

#sponsored First I’ll tell you about this great new product and then I’ll share some of our family traditions… TopGreener offered me a couple of (afflink) USB charger receptacles to try out – and I obviously couldn’t say “No” since I love techy things. I’ve wanted these for a long time, so it was a no-brainer to review it for them. You can find them on Amazon at a decent price here.       The (afflink) USB charger receptacles would make great stocking stuffers if you’re at a loss for an interesting addition to your DH’s stocking this year.   They were super easy to put in and look very nice in our master bedroom. I have a couple of time-lapse videos for you to show you how my DH put them in. First you turn of the electricity and take out the old one:   Next put the new one in. Simple as that! Check it out: These … Read more