31 Posts in 31 Days Ultimate Blog Challenge Wrap Up

Let's just do a quick review of the last month.

I crammed a lot in 31 days – in case you didn't notice.

One post a day for 31 days. I'd be lyin' if I said it was easy – Fun yes, easy, no.

Here are some of my fave posts:

I'm not going to continue posting every day – the 31 posts in 31 days was just a challenge that got my blog going.

My main goal is to share what I know and what I find others are doing. Along with that, I hope to encourage you to have the home you want through your own DIY projects. I would love a dialogue with you, not just a one way conversation.

Along with learning a lot about DIYing and blogging, I've met many amazing bloggers.

Here are a few great blogs for you to check out on home decorating.

If you see these amazing homes on display at the different websites, don't get discouraged thinking you could never pull a room together like they do. Remember first and foremost, they've beend doing to for a long time. Plus, not all of them DIY on a tight budget, so if that's your gig, realize we're all different and come to the table with different needs, wants and abilities. So if you don't have a lot of cash (join my club!) – it doesn't matter if you lack cash if you've got ingenuity and vision. Don't compare your home with theirs, just learn from them and go be amazing. I know you can do it. And after you are amazing, tell me about it and I will share it. Let's be amazing together. It's no fun being amazing alone.

Here are a couple of projects that cost less than a couple of dollars. Realize amazing can mean more than just the ability to throw a lot of money at a project.

Amazing can mean beautiful, resourceful, creative AND CHEAP.

I hope to be an encouragement to you – now go out there and do some DIY, take a picture and share it!

Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon and often!


5 thoughts on “31 Posts in 31 Days Ultimate Blog Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on completing the blog challenge! 31 days is a lot of blogging to do but looking at your five favorites I think you have made an amazing start and have given such a gift to yourself!  Love your comment about your own litlte hobbit house in the making.  That so spoke to me!

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