5 Must Have Tools for the DIY’er

Your time is valuable – sometimes a tool will save you time and a whole lot of frustration. Here are my 5 must have tools or products that I'm never without:

#1. Zinsser Spray Primer – once I discovered this, I started buying it by the case! Oh how I love thee, Zinsser! Not only does it do a fast job of priming but it is great at covering up stains that want to bleed through your paint. I should have used it on this NIGHTSTAND – it would have saved me so much time!


#2. 3M Sanding Sponges – yes please! These are versatile – you can buy them in different grits and they are so very handy for sanding in between coats of paint or around oddly shaped table legs and decor you want to distress, prep or just smooth out. I have a dozen of them in my painting supplies. It really came in handly when we had to redo my DD's ANTIQUE NIGHTSTAND.


#3. & #4. Angled paint brushes (I mostly use Purdy) and my long handled mini foam paint roller (similar to the one pictured below) are my best friends when painting furniture. Don't skimp on your paint brushes. I learned that your DIY life is much improved when you switch to a good quality paint brush. I seldom tape off anything any more because all it takes is a good brush and steady hand to paint trim and such. The rollers save you time and give you a great finish like on this project: An APOTHECARY CABINET FLIP.



#5. Electric Palm Sander – for years I sanded by hand and was frustrated when I couldn't get enough pressure for some of the bigger sanding jobs. My DH gave me his electric sander when he saw my frustration and I've never looked back (or given it back!). Power tools, as Tim the Toolman would say, arrr more power! I first used it on my DESK FLIP because of the messed up top.

What are your faves? Leave a comment with your top picks.

Thanks for visiting! If you'd like to give chalk type paint a try (love it!) download my 4 Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes PDF. I'll send the PDF to you via email. My fave is the baking soda recipe – it's easy and cheap!

Homemade Chalk Type Paint Recipes {Love My DIY Home}

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6 thoughts on “5 Must Have Tools for the DIY’er

  1. Truth – I've never bothered with primer. But, I've wondered – and am now convinced – that I could save myself much headache, and likely get a much better finish if I started with it. I'm following your recommendation!

    • Karen, I don’t use primer when I paint with chalk paint, usually. But that spray primer is fabulous and really does help in many furniture flips. It’s pure gold when you need it!

  2. The palm sander is great but I think when we move I'm going to get one of those big wood sanders.  Will make prepping kits a breeze.  And I also agree that angled paint brushes are the BEST and just make me want to paint everything.  Great list but you have to add a small house drill – recently built me a new tool box just so I could fit my drill inside.  

    • Carole, I am adding to my tools a little at a time. I think I could certainly lay out a lot of money on tools! I just used my angled paint brush again today and felt like I should tell it, “Thank you.” 🙂

  3. These are all fabulous tools!  It's hard to pick the one I like the most.  We used all of these when we painted our kitchen cabinets.  Having great tools makes the project go much more smoothly!  Thanks for the tips, Val!

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