Free Resource List... The Top 5 Tools I Use to Paint Furniture the Easy Way


Do you think only "experts" or "professionals" know how, or only the "rich" can afford to refurbish old, ugly, or outdated furniture? Are you under the impression only certain people can be considered artists?

It's super easy to create works of art and refurbish that outdated furniture!

Download a one page list of The Top 5 (Super Cheap) Tools I Use for my DIY Furniture Refurbs and begin planning your DIY project today.

All the tools are
  • under $6.00
  • easy to use
  • available in your home or local store

After you join us, we will periodically send you free gifts along with some amazing and super easy DIY project ideas. Stay tuned for suggestions on how to find great deals on home decor too. Now let's get to it!