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Welcome to Love My DIY Home

We are glad you stopped by.

I am wife to Mark "the perfect man," mom to 15 adult children who have very kindly afflicted us with the Empty Nest Syndrome – Ooorah!!! and Grammie to 11 beautiful little munchkins.

Last but certainly not least and guide to all I do, I call myself a follower of Christ because He is the keeper of my life. This is who I "am."

Now let me tell you what I "do." 

I make and repurpose jewelry, scrap and smash books, flower arrange… oh never mind, the list is way too long.

I am a self-taught photographer, graphic designer and blogger (you probably already figured this one out). I nanny part-time, have been known to professionally organize (dig out hoarders and self-proclaimed pack rats), and have recently added gardening and canning to my repertoire – though I must confess that when the seedlings leave my deck and find their way into the ground, I much prefer to sit in my lawn chair and sip a lemonade while I watch my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons do the transplanting and weeding.

I love Do-It-Yourself projects. Hence, Love My DIY Home is the venue for sharing my DIY obsession with the world. It is my plan to present you with DIY ideas that the average person can accomplish – no big bucks projects here!


Still interested?

I love chocolate and chocolate loves me. I am a collector of candles, books, electronics and anything red. I collect friends and keep them forever.

I recently discovered I love to cook. I know, go figure…

Scrounging through rummage sales, discount bins and auction houses looking for deals is a way of life for me.  I defrag and de-stress on Facebook, Photoshop, InDesign, Net Flix and Pinterest, ahh, Pinterest, how I love thee!

My church family is very important to me. They constantly amaze me with their loving kindness toward us.

We are retired from being full-time in the ministry but think maybe we might just end up back there some day.

Big family cook-outs and the ministry of hospitality is at the top of my priority list.

My grandkids are are my life. Words cannot describe the love I have for those little people.

Creating is where I get my MoJo (definition #3: ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude). Through creating, whether it be blogging, manipulating a photograph, designing a publication, scrap/smashbooking or DIYing, I have been able to survive many traumatic events in my life and maintain a positive attitude.

Creating makes me happy.

My husband runs from me when he sees the smile on my face that came from the satisfaction of a good DIY job done because he knows he is in danger – be afraid Mark, the perfect man, be very afraid…muhahaha!

These days I am finding myself feeling like I have something very exciting to tell but can't necessarily figure out what that might be. You know, like when there is a new baby in the family, or you got a new car or couch set – you just can't wait to call up your best friend and share the news with them. The funny thing is…I feel like that most of the time now. I think it's what most people call "being happy."

That my friend, is what my new chapter is all about. I am happy and want to share the things that add to my happiness with you, my reader.

Please subscribe to my future posts and make some comments – that's how we will get to know each other.

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I've just started a Google+ account, and am also on LinkedIn.

I have a personal blog at Mom of Many if you'd like to hear about our large family and ministry.

We have started a new business making leather holsters – come visit us at Adark Holsters.

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So whatever is your preferred Social Site, find me!

We are busy, busy people, but never too busy to make new friends and encourage others along the way.

Let's connect and have some fun DIYing together.


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