More DIY Fall Decor

I think I'm bordering on obsessed…honestly, I love fall and want it inside my house.

Too long I've just gotten by. Same ol' same ol' no more!

I've never had the time or energy to decorate for seasons before.

But then, I really don't have time now. But I'm making time.

Thanks Love My DIY Home for giving me an excuse to decorate for the seasons…

Here are some cute DIY Fall deco ideas.



Apples last such a long time, they would work well as deco…if you can keep your family from eating it off the mantle! Think about what you have around the house that you could use as a pedestal to hold apples, little pumpkins, or such.


To make the pumpkins last longer, one reader commented: "Soak in bleach water for 15-20 minutes (Fill sink, add 1/2 cup of bleach). Let dry completely before adding can. You can also use white vinegar such as with fruit- also kills the bacteria which is what causes them to rot quickly."


I think this is next on my DIY list. My grapevines will be empty soon as I'm canning grape jelly, so I will dry my vines and collect pinecones from my yard. I love fall!

We just moved into our new home a year ago, so I'm having a time of it, collecting things from around the yard for my DIY projects.


This is a simple DIY table dressing that would be very easy to throw together. Wouldn't this be nice in the midst of a Thanksgiving feast?


Love this – using white lights and vines are such a nice addition along the edge of a table or table.

This is from one of my fave blogs – Thrifty decor Chick. Check out her blog, you will enjoy spending time with Sarah.

www.lovemydiyhome.comSource unknown – anybody know where this came from? I'd like to credit them!

Candles in coffee beans are a pretty table top deco, but as one pinner said, it could be dangerous if the coffee beans catch fire. So I do recommend the heavenly aroma of the coffee beans sitting next to my chair, but will not be lighting the candle, only enjoying the decorative look.

Happy fall!

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