From Wine Rack to Towel Holder

Do you re-purpose?

I saw on Pinterest a wine rack that was re-purposed into a towel holder. Here is the post from Ashley at Rustic Living, who had the original idea.
Ashley has a lot of neat ideas about decorating in a rustic look. She got her wine rack very cheaply at a consignment shop, but I searched online for the rack and found it but it was super expensive at retail price. So I spent the past year looking for a wine rack that I liked, but it also had to  be affordable and fit into my planned decor for my master bath.
I finally found the one I now use at a consignment shop in Rib Mountain. I bought it for $15.00 and I didn’t even have to paint it! Here it is with my new towels from Kohls, of course!

towel rack2


What have you re-purposed?

Val @ Love My DIY Home

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  2. You never cease to amaze me! This is gorgeous. I found a wine rack at a thrift store last week, wracked my brain for what on earth I could do with it, and left it there. Now I know the next time I find one.
    Sharing this evening on my FB page.

    • Ahhh! They are hard to find! I looked for several months and was so happy the day I found mine. Thanks for sharing!