Front Porch Decor – Easy DIY

No More Junk Here!

The above picture is my front porch I was telling you about – I pulled all my projects together and am pretty happy with the result.  It's certainly better than looking at a pile of junk that usually graced our front entrance! This fall I'm going to try to go big and use the pumpkins and corn shocks out of our garden and maybe even the vines from our squash. Here's some fall front porch decor ideas I think are inspiring:



I have a cute little wooden wagon that Mark, my DH, crafted for me years ago. That would work great in front of my painted chair that I already have on the front porch. Love the look of this next one – from Pinterest…


I think I will try my hand at painting a pumpkin (big surprise coming from me?). I really like using words to decorate, so maybe I'll paint a "Welcome" or an "F" on mine.


UPDATE: Click here to see one of my 2013 fall porch and here for my fall kitchen.
Do you have a front porch decorated for the fall yet that you'd like me to show everyone?
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