Furniture Flips by LMDH Subscriber Sandra Amigo

Let me introduce you to one of my subscribers, Sandra Amigo, of Argentina. We met online and immediately became friends. Let me share with you her furniture flips. You will be inspired.

In her own words,

I always go through the same process whenever I find a piece of furniture that is in need of "that something."

I have read very angry comments on different blogs about solid wood furniture being painted, but I don't think at that like a rule; I believe each case to be unique.

I bought the small cupboard at a garage sale and it was love at first sight…I immediately knew what to do with it! It is solid oak but the poor thing had been mistreated; one of the doors was black (burnt) and the whole piece looked dry. Yes, dry.



Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}

The wood was missing wax – or something to make it look alive. So I took it home and separated all the parts: doors, shelves, and the upper body from the one below. I learned the painful way that it's best to spend a few more minutes with this "surgery" than trying to paint a complicated piece without disassembling it.

Browsing the internet I found there was something called PRIMER, so I ran to the paint shop and found it – the same brand I had seen on the web: ZINSSER.  I thought I might find it because I had used the paint PERMAWHITE (by the way, it's an excellent product for walls). 

I have used both types of primers, oil based and water based, and although I find the water based one easier to apply, I found out that latex paint sticks better after an even coat of the oil based primer.

I always use Sherwin Williams latex paint because I found out that colour codes are the same here in Argentina and in the US, so it's easier to choose a colour if you've seen it before.


Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}

We don't have much to choose from here in Argentina; we have latex paint, and enamel and acrylic paints that come in small pots and are quite expensive.

I always sand my pieces with my orbital sander, or by softly sanding by hand if the piece is going to be primed.

Such is the case of the chairs – again solid oak.



Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}

Those chairs belonged to my grandmother who used to have them on her yard with no protection at all. I felt a little sorry when I decided to paint them, but I knew there was no way to bring back life to the dry wood. 

Again, using Sherwin Williams latex paint, I wanted to apply a pattern somewhere, so I decided to decoupage napkins on the seats and I loved it! Then applied water based varnish as the finishing coat.

Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}



The coffee table has been part of the family for 25 years! The table is solid wood and the legs had veneer. The lower shelf was common pine wood and besides it had been chewed by my dogs a couple of times.


Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}

I thought my daughter was going to need the table at her new home so I decided to give it a new look.

1. I sanded the top and applied wood stain (walnut is my favourite).

2. I gave it a final coat with oil based varnish in a satin finish.

3. The lower shelf was painted with latex paint in dark grey.

4. I applied the texts with the mod podge method for transferring images which I have found quite useful.


Furniture Flip by Sandra Amigo {Love My DIY Home}

I have transferred images in quite a number of projects; with the mod podge method and with the freezer paper method (I also used the shiny paper that's left when you peel stickers). It's so fun!

I have made my own version of the various brands of waxes I've seen displayed on blogs: wood wax (the one used on floors) with my beloved walnut wood stain. I recently bought metallic wax patinas: gold, silver and copper for finishing touches.


About Sandra:

Sandra lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is married, and has three kids. Mariana, a biologist, Germán who works at Renault Argentina (car industry) and Nicolas, who works in the textile business. She is an architect and her husband is a medical doctor.

“I always liked doing things with my hands. When I was a little girl I used to knit for my dolls and play hairstylist. Later I found out I liked painting and learned to paint on canvas with oil paints.

But I finally knew that what I like most is to paint furniture. I find so much inspiration on Pinterest! Unfortunately many times I see tools and materials that are not available in my country; we have no Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store or Ikea, but I do get a lot of help from my husband who loves to fix things. When anything needs to be repaired, he is there to fix it. That is very useful when it comes to disassembling furniture to be painted.

Since we are living in a house that belonged to my grandparents, I have painted many pieces of my furniture. I have also painted for friends for very little for profit – it's just what I enjoy doing.”


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  1. I see where some people are coming from that are resistant to painting over solid wood.  However I agree with you that painting over solid wood is something that can be done with great results!  There are a lot of really pretty pieces of furniture that aren't quite my style but would be perfect with a little DIY and love!  Thanks for sharing your projects with us!

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