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Besides Love My DIY Home, I have other opportunities for advertisers. See my media kit below and email me with any questions. My main site is and Facebook group is Furniture Flipping Forum.

VAL FRANIA Media Kit 7.25.18

I occasionally accept guest posts on Love My DIY Home. 

Please read below for guidelines on what I accept and how your article must fit.

  1. Post topic must be relevant to Love My DIY Home readers. Tutorials, home decor projects, before and afters of home renovations, and personal DIY stories are best.
  2. The post must not be entirely self-promotional.
  3. The post should include a brief biography, to be included at the end of the article, which may include links to your website and/or blog. An author picture is desired, but not required.
  4. Posts must be original and may not have been published elsewhere previously and belong to Love My DIY Home after publication.
  5. Posts must be written by you and if it is a tutorial, must be real with photos of the actual project. I do not use online photos grabbed from the Internet without permission. All pictures should be attribution-free, meaning you own them or have all rights to them.
  6. I reserve the right to make changes to submissions to correct grammatical and spelling errors or provide clarity. Links to Amazon may be added to clarify or add to the information you provide by site owner. Focus is on the reader, helping them to duplicate your tutorial or project.
  7. Guest posts need to be a minimum of 150 words.  There is no maximum, but in cases of extremely long posts, I may choose to turn the post into a series of posts. Series do very well on Love My DIY Home.
  8. An author picture should be included with a short bio but are not necessarily required - it depends on the type of post. Pictures must be submitted via e-mail attachments and be of good resolution/quality.
  9. Email me at I will not guarantee acceptance, but will consider each request. If considered, I will email you back. No response means "not now" or "no thank you."

If accepted, expect me to edit your article and/or to send it back to you with a request for revisions. Remember to make your article personable, speaking to my readers in an every day conversational tone and add humor or interesting quips and quotes to add interest. Boring will not be accepted! Thanks for your interest.

Val @ Love My DIY Home

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