Java Gel Table Top – by Maria LaBelle

Not everyone can pull off red.
Side Table Java Gel {Love My DIY Home}
A LMDH friend, Maria LaBelle, sure did. That gorgeous table up top started out as a boring old piece of nondescript. But Maria added her artistic touch and created a much better look with homemade chalk paint. She made her own by mixing Sherwin Williams HGTV sun-ried tomato red and calcium carbonate.
The more furniture flips I see, the more confidence and creativity seems to abound. Inspiration – it's everywhere. We just need to look. Have you considered picking a striking color, one that you only thought to use as an accent, and using it to paint a piece of furniture? 
Side Table Java Gel {Love My DIY Home}
Maria said "This table top just wouldn't stain evenly," so she pulled out the big guns – Java Gel by General Finishes. Here is a video by General Finishes explaining how to use Java Gel Stain (first 4 minutes of the video):

Maria describes her process:

"I use a lintless rag to apply the 1st coat. If it looks like its going to be non-blotchy, I will apply a 2nd & 3rd coat with the rag, wiping all of it back off with clean lintless rags until is all off, allowing it to dry at least overnight. If for some reason (like this table top) there is an issue where I cannot get a good look, I will apply as I stated using a foam applicator and basically "paint" it on without wiping off the excess. I did this to this table top that just wouldn't stain evenly."

Side Table Java Gel {Love My DIY Home}

Side Table Java Gel {Love My DIY Home}

She applied a topcoat:

"I used General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in satin finish – 2 coats on the base and 3 on the top. It was smooth as butter after using the Java Gel stain, so I found no need to sand between the coats."
Side Table Java Gel {Love My DIY Home}
Would you be brave enough to do red? What non-muted tones do you go for?
Maria's other project, the drum table revival was just at dramatic – you should go check it out.
If you would like to know how to make your own chalkpaint, I have a free PDF of 4 Homemade Chalky Paint recipes I can send you via email.
Homemade Chalk Paint {Love My DIY Home}
Next up: What would you do with a brick fireplace that is super outdated? Would year tear it out? Would you pay a mason to come redo it? I'll be telling you about a cheap fix that anyone can do – cheaply and easily! Until then,
Be amazing!
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