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2 thoughts on “Do You Love to Paint?”

  1. Hi Val.  

    Since I stumbled on your My DIY home site.  I've admired your many talents.  I never comment much because I don't have enough experience to say anything but wow…it's fantastic … I've dreamed of being an actual diy person just to amaze myself that I could accomplish something beautiful.  I've done a few things … necessary repairs to my home and furniture  and they turn out good.  I can't quite get the wow you seem to come by naturally…in my work…I have ideas of things but no time .  After watching your video…I admire you more…I take care of my 89 and 85 year old parents, 3 senior dogs with blindness and diabetes.  My husband and I are retired…he hates diy and hates me doing my little projects…the noise the mess the clean up…my family thinks my time should be spent on them…and I agree they are first.  Your life is so much more complicated…how do you find time and how do you win the family over ?   I look forward to looking at what you have made beautiful again…I hope you do a lot more videos….your so natural and make everything seem possible.  It's an enjoyable experience everytime I go to your site. Thanks for all you do.


    • Oh Donna, thanks for commenting. So sorry you are stuggling with it all. My family sees how much I love my DIY and actually help me when I need them. It’s my creative outlet that brings me so much happiness that they are glad I have it in my life. I am busy, yes, but it’s so worth it. I try to balance my DIY with my family, expecially with this new site I’ve been putting together, The Blueprint. I’m glad you are able to come visit. Feel free to connect more often so I can encourage you through it all!


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