From Where Do You Get Your DIY Inspiration?

How about a little DIY inspiration…
It all started with Internet surfing – as always!

Here is a look into the mind of a DIY'er – ME. Be afraid, be very afraid!

One thing leads to another, which leads to another and then whammo!…I get inspiration for a DIY project.

I was searching for an online greeting card company to buy some greeting cards for church.

I work there one day a week (one of my life goals) and have been given the job of sending out greeting cards. This summer my sister-in-law suggested I contact DaySpring and see if I could land a design job (another one of my life goals) since I love graphic design work.

So, the name DaySpring popped (or should I say "sprung") into my head as I was looking for a greeting card company.

I looked around their site and applied for the affiliate program. I was just accepted today. So, short story long, I am now in their affiliate program as well as a customer with DaySpring. All "affiliate" means is that if you click on the picture of DaySpring on my side bar or in a post, or click a link in my post and buy something, I get a small percentage of the sale (you don't pay more, I just get rewarded for directing you to their site).

As I was checking out the DaySpring site, I ran across a latte mug on sale for $4.99.

You know I'm into DIY home decor, so I was checking out their home design products – uh huh, I'm obsessed.

As always, before you buy anything from anywhere, try to find coupons and discount codes. I will pass them along to you as I find them.

I seldom buy anything full price – frugality pays off.

Here are some discounts at DaySpring – use coupon code shipping30 for free shipping on a $30.00 purchase. Click here to check out their gifts category and use  coupon code 20offGIFTS to get 20% off of all gift purchases (doesn't work on clearance or sale items). Both of these promotions go to the end of the year. I'm all about saving money!

I'm in love coffee mugs. I need another one like I need a hole in the head, but this one is special – it has the names of God on it. "Too cool" is all I can say.

The latte mug reminded me of a coffee bar idea I wish I had a space for.

I've been scoping out this metal shelf thingy at Hobby Lobby. I have no idea where I would put it if I had it, but I keep finding myself standing in front of it at Hobby Lobby staring at it. It's like I'm on auto pilot or something. I find it on Pinterest and pin it every time someone else pins it as part of a coffee bar. Here is a picture of the wire shelf thingy that I'm in love with.

The Names of God latte cup could go right next to an "F" on the top shelf.

Then I found this Lantern at DaySpring inspired me to brave the cold wind outside and paint my little clearance lantern that I bought at Kohls.

Love Came Down - Morning Star - Decorative Lantern

The lantern I bought at Kohls was an icky yellow (hence, clearance) and I thought a bright red for Christmas would be good – maybe with a white candle or white and silver bulbs inside? If the bright red doesn't work, I'll paint it dark brown like the one at DaySpring.

Here is the "before picture" next to my pumpkins on my buffet table by our front door.

You can take an icky yellow cheapo looking lantern and with a bit of paint and accessories, turn it into something usable – and of course do it cheaply! I only paid a couple of dollars for this lantern. I checked to make sure the glass came out easily before I bought it.

Here is a candle like the one in the DaySpring lantern. It originated at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland blog as a DIY project. She didn't have a tutorial, but I did a search in Pinterest. Check out some decorative candle projects on my Pinterest board. From there you will find some how-tos.

Here is my after picture of the icky yellow lantern – I like how it turned out.

For Christmas I plan to put white and silver bulbs inside with greenery around it on a big platter, maybe on a diy candlestand/plate combo.

So there you go – I went from buying greeting cards for church, to becoming an affiliate with DaySpring, to painting a lantern for a Christmas DIY project and then on to learning how to decorate a plain white candle for the new lantern.

I'm going to do a candlestand/plate combo to put this on for Christmas…and on and on and on it goes, from one project to another.

From where do you get your inspiration?


2 thoughts on “From Where Do You Get Your DIY Inspiration?

  1. In the coffee bar photo… I have that exact shelf with baskets.  It came from Hobby Lobby, however mine isn't decoarted nearly as cute as that one.  I have seen that photo before and I thought it would be a great idea if I had the space.  My kitchen is just not configured in a way I could use it like that.
    Please come over an visit me at  I have DIY stuff there, who knows, you might like some of it.

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