It’s About TIME – The Skinny on a Little Side Table

Last week when I tried out the (aff link) HomeRight Finish Max on a rolling storage cabinet, I threw in a little skinny side table. Two for the price of one, so to speak.
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
It was green, then dark brown, and now it’s a light tan, with decorative stenciling.
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
It’s a bore no more.
Super easy, 1,2,3,4
1. Spray one coat with Benjamin Moore Advance using a (aff link) HomeRight Finish Max. I only did one coat for easy distressing.
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
2. Distress, lightly.
3. (aff link) Stencil clocks and some French script.
Get some paint in your brush and wipe most of it away on a paper towel or paper plate. I use acrylic paint. This is a dry brushing technique. Tape your stencil in place and do a quick up and down movement with the brush to get the paint onto your surface without it bleeding under. It’s easier to show you than to describe it, so I did a 22 second video for you. Take a look:

Stenciling is easy once you get the hang of it! from Val Frania on Vimeo.

4. Topcoat with (aff link) General Finishes Flat out Flat. Typically I’d use GF HPTC (aff link) (General Finishes High Performance Top Coat) first and then the Flat out Flat, but this isn’t a high use table. It will sit in the corner and just look pretty. It doesn’t need a very durable topcoat, just a protective coat over the stenciled areas.
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
I told you it was easy.
Not all treasured pieces have to be a big deal to refinish. Sometimes it just comes together and the artistic touch just flows easily. Having the right tools at your finger tips. I had the stencils for a while waiting for just the right piece. This was it.
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
The Skinny on a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}
I’m keeping it. Some pieces you just can’t part with. This one stood by us when our kids were little, after we moved to Wisconsin and then on to this house. Just like the little ceramic duck that always sits on our windowsill, reminding us of past days.
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