Thanksgiving Table DIY Projects – What will be on your table this year?

This is going to be a short one. I think a little munchkin I hugged on in church may have gifted me with her stomach flu.

At least that's what my stomach told me all night last night and today.

But I did want to connect as well as keep up on my 31 posts in 31 days.

If this post stops in the middle of the sentence, you'll know I passed out on my keyboard.

But don't worry, my DH is due home soon.

I've been thinking about our Thanksgiving table this year and how to decorate it.

I have my silver and gold painted maple leaves. So I searched the Internet for ideas.

I want to start with color – lots of color.



Here is an 8×10 print from Lindsay Letters that would dress up the table.

I think I will do something similar on my chalkboard.


I'll be hitting the after October clearance sales and plan to pick up some pumpkins to use for flower arrangements.

Here are a few examples.


For some reason I really like white pumpkins! Check out Sanity Fair's Thanksgiving table ideas.



I'll definitely be using my stemware and candles.

Use popcorn in a glass vase to nestle in a candle – I think I found a use for my metalic leaves!

I guess it wouldn't be too funny if we forgot the candles and they burned down to the popcorn kernels.


Here's a good way to add lots of color to your table.


Now this is cool.

I could use my grapevines to decorate my chandalier above my table.


What are you planning for Thanksgiving table deco?


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table DIY Projects – What will be on your table this year?

  1. Loved this and your site! Very beautiful indeed.

    I have a quick question…  I noticed you had a 'source' under each photo… by this I;m assuming you took the photo's off Pinterest, etc. and then put the link…

    So, how did you put the link. I have rarely ever used anything, unless I could put the direct link under it used anything other than my own photography. did you put the link in the when you uploaded the photo?

    Thanks again for sharing, saw you at UBC.


    • @Jean, I typed the word "source" under the photo, then highlighted it and clicked on the link symbol above where you choose font, font size, etc. In the box that popped up, I pasted the url where I got it from. I then specified "new window" in the next tab in that window. I do my best to credit whomever I got the info from. If there's no credit, then I took the photo myself. Thanks for visiting!

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