5 Must Have Tools for the DIY’er

Your time is valuable – sometimes a tool will save you time and a whole lot of frustration. Here are my 5 must have tools or products that I'm never without: #1. Zinsser Spray Primer – once I discovered this, I started buying it by the case! Oh how I love thee, Zinsser! Not only does it do a fast … Read more

It’s Not About the Stuff – My Philosophy Behind DIY

Years ago I thought it was my obligation to deny myself the things I needed and wanted.   "Make do," I said. "Don't be materialistic," I said. "Save money," I said.   I thought my only options were to buy what I wanted or do without – the world of DIY really hadn't opened up to me yet. I don't … Read more

Keep Your Lettuce Sweet – It’s all in the timing

  Keep It Sweet – Lettuce   Last year's lettuce was fabulous. My mom had told me a couple of years ago that I shouldn't plant my own lettuce because it becomes bitter. Her experience left a bitter taste in her mouth (pun intended) So, as always, I wanted to find out why and did a little research and experimenting. … Read more