Dressing Your Thanksgiving Table – A Fall Tablescape

Here is a quick lineup of my Thanksgiving Tablescape – I did this one a couple of years ago and it was a big hit. A finely decorated table can add to the festive atmosphere. What are you plans this year?
Tips Day One – Use what you already have.
all Tablescape Series {Love My DIY Home}
Tips Day Two – Get creative and use different colors, textures and shapes.
Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}
Tips Day Three – Add items from the great outdoors.
all Tablescape Series {Love My DIY Home}
Tips Day Four – Vary heights and layer.
all Tablescape Series {Love My DIY Home}
  Tips Day Five – Bring fall inside and mix and match unusual decor – owls, pinecomes and lanterns?
Thanksgiving Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}
  Tips Day Six – Carry the prominent shape throughout.
Thanksgiving Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}
  Tips Day Seven – Don’t forget the kids!
Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}
Thanksgiving Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting!

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Homemade Chalk Type Paint Recipes {Love My DIY Home}

Upcycled Antique Window Wall Decor

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I found an old window at a salvage warehouse and thought it would make a good addition to my living room walls. The only problem was it was old, dirty and falling apart.

But I had a plan.

I could see it all spiffed up and shiny new even though it looked like this:

Window Before

I paid $12 for it and asked DH to load it up. He shook his head and took it home for me. See, DH can't envision like I can, so he often wonders how I can make something like this look good enough to use for decor.

Fortunately he's willing to help and has knowledge from past experience that helps me transform a piece.


The old putty was in bad shape so I had to scrape it all off (which was a big job that I spread over a few weeks) and then DH added in the Glazing Push Points using my scraping 7 in one tool to hold in the glass.

scraped mess
scraped window
Window tabs

He rolled up the window glaze into a long snake and applied it, using the scraper to trim off the excess. I then smoothed and trimmed it out so it didn't show on the other side.

smoothing window putty
smoothing window putty2
smoothing window putty4
smoothing window putty3
corner painted window


I didn't prime because I WANTED old stains and flaws to show through. I was preserving the years by just painting right over all the varied colors and bumps and bruises to maintain the antique, worn look.

I used General Finishes Bronze Pearl Effects since it's very glitzy with my little IKEA detail brush. I didn't tape off because I find it easier to just free hand it.

finished window

I hung it in my living room and added a wreath I got on clearance for $3 at Joann Fabrics.

corner painted window3
corner painted window2
Antique Window

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Happy painting!

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A Bit of Couch Table Glitz

Every time I flip a piece of furniture, I wish I could find a permanent spot for it in my own home.

I think this is common for anyone who turns an old out-dated piece into art. We put our heart and soul into it throughout the creative process.

It's something that you must experience before you understand. It's even hard to see it go out the door when it sells. You feel like a piece of yourself is leaving. Of course the cash in hand is great as is the thought that someone else will enjoy your creation. But still. It's an emotional moment.

I find it quite funny that we would get so attached to a "thing". But it's true. A piece of ourselves goes out the door each time.

Here is the before. We got it from our favorite shop in Door County here in Wisconsin. We visit the store every year on a mini vaca hoping to find a van full of treasures in the raw to flip. Sometimes we drive away with a full vehicle and sometimes we drive away empty. It's part of the fun, wondering what we might find each time.

Couch table before

It was solid but in pretty bad shape cosmetically. Apparently it had been painted an orange and had been quite abused through the years. You can see little orange drips on the underside, so it must have been someone's project. Not everyone knows how to save a piece to the point it looks new again.

There are many steps to take to bring it back to life. It's not uncommon for half jobs to be done so it's "good enough".

I don't subscribe to that thinking. If it doesn't look fresh and new, I'm not satisfied.

Couch table before2
Couch table before underside
Metallic legs couch table

We had to remove the veneer since it was too damaged to fix and found an nice solid base on top, though it was made with mismatched pieces of wood. So DH...

(The hyperlinked products are Amazon Prome affiliate links for your convenience)

1. Removed the veneer

2. Sanded the entire piece

3. Filled holes and scratches

And I:

3. Cleaned with Krud Kutter (the gallon concentrate is the best deal)

4. Detail sanded by hand

5. Stained the top with Java Gel from General Finishes

6. Sealed the top with Wipe on Gel Top Coat from General Finishes

7. Painted the legs with a Bronze Metallic Paint by Chroma Molten Metals

8. Protected the legs with CrystaLac's Gloss Polyurethane

Couch Table cu end
Couch Table Chanelle3
Couch Table Chanelle4
Couch Table Chanelle fb top

To decorate the top (for of course, we can't just keep it plain!), I stenciled with the same metallic paint and top coated with the gloss CrystaLac polyurethane. In the last two coats added a bit of the metallic paint to add some shimmer.

Couch Table Chanelle fb4
Couch table Christmas CU5
Couch table Christmas CU2

The color pop of the legs and decorated top will add interest to any room and will be just just glitzy enough to be a great backdrop for holiday decorations.

Couch Table Chanelle fb5


Couch table before
Couch Table Chanelle fb4

I often find that many DIY'ers tend to just clean and paint a piece of furniture or decor for their home. The more I flip, the more I desire to go the extra mile and turn out an above average piece of furniture both in quality and design.

I have an online membership that teaches furniture redesign because I believe that those who redesign furniture, whether it be for themselves or to sell, should take the steps necessary to allow that piece to last 100 years.

It's important to build your confidence, enjoy the process, and be so proud of your piece of art that went from old and boring to an artful treasure that you want to do it all over again.

The journey from unloved to being a treasure should be fun and rewarding.

We need to be able to stand back and smile at our accomplishment.

If you'll let me, I'd like to help you gain the confidence you need to be an amazing furniture artist.

Start here and get my EBook on the different paint types by joining my online community >>> The Drop Cloth

See you there!

Thanks for visiting.

Now go paint something amazing,

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This post contains affiliate links. If you buy anything after clicking on one of the affiliate links, I receive a small commission of the sale. The cost to you is the same, and I only link to items that I think would benefit my readers. Your support of this blog is greatly appreciated!

Damaged But Not Destroyed

We tend to toss rather than fix, don't we?

Let's reconsider. Let's look through a better lense when considering what to do with an item. It's so amazing to see an upcycle, redesigned and/or repurposed piece of furniture, decor, or whatever.

I've seen it. I've done it. And I want to see you see it a do it too.

This former book table shelf plywood and 2x4s homemade thingy was on Craig's List. It was terribly scratched up by the owner's dog.

Better Together Table before

The lady was super apologetic about it when I went to go take a look. I even considered saying, "No thanks" to her when I saw how beat up it was. But I took it anyway and stored it for over a year waiting for time and inspiration to tackle it.

Whenever I have a new product, method or technique I want to try out, in my mind's eye I look over all of the pieces I have stored looking for just the right thing to use it on. This time I wanted to do a video on (afflinks)  Retique It with my grandson, Hudson, use new stain colors, try out CrystaLac's grain filler and play around with some stencil ideas I had rambling around in my head.

So this fit the bill all rolled up into one.

Are you teaching the youngers in your family to redesign furniture or use the tools and products that come along with what we do?

The grain filler did a great job and gave me a nice smooth surface to paint. Honestly I was quite surprised at the ease of use.

We used it on the bottom shelf and then painted it with Pure & Original Chalk Paint in Greek Sky, stenciling over top on just half with a darker blue.

+Better Together side corner view
+Better Tog Table bottom shelf cu

The top was a bit scratched too but a bit of sanding took care of it and then we "Retique'd It". (afflink)  Retique It is the brand of a liquid wood that can give us a nice surface to stain. We, and when I say, "we" I mean Hudson, my grandson and I, painted on the liquid wood and used a graining tool to give us a faux grain look. It really is wood, but in liquid form so we can do any design that inspires us to be creative. This time we did a wood grain look and then stained and stenciled.

+Better Tog Table corner
+Better Tog Table very cu
+Better Together top w words
+Better Tog Table wide top view

The stenciled design came alive when I used a bit of the darker blue to shade the flowers and wording. Too often we just stop at one color or design. Layering, combining words and motifs, shading, etc. all add interest.

Adding the hardware and a bit of distressing finished it up and made it "real".

+Better Tog distress cu
+Better Tog Table handle cu

Often I will leave in some of the dings and dents to give it more of a rustic feel. Perfect isn't always perfect for the piece. Am I right?

+Bet Tog Table sq fb w props

This newly transformed console table went to a very nice couple that my DH works with. They are very family oriented and wanted this table to express their love to their family. What pieces have you done that reflect your mindset or passion?

Thanks for visiting. Let me know in a comment about your favorite products or designs. We are in such a great niche, aren't we?

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Outdated Cabinet Upcycled into a Cat Bed

It's the same with babies and cats. They tend to take over your house. Cat bed, toys, littler box, tunnel...my kids think I'm nuts. They come over to my house and you have to step over all of Mia's stuff.

Let's face it. Mia is my baby, so I enjoy seeing her lounge and play.

So I had this idea that maybe others might like to have some furniture that has a duo-function.

How about an end table that hides a cat bed when company comes over?

Here is the before. I got it at a garage sale for just a few bucks. The picture looks kinda nice, doesn't it? This is a case where the photo fools the eye. It's was in pretty bad shape and needed help. I think it was supposed to look high end, but somehow it lost it's way.

Cat bed before

In May of 2019, this was the third workshop in my series that I posted online just before I opened enrollment on Furniture Flipping Blueprint. I demonstrated in a video tutorial how to blend two colors, stencil, glaze and topcoat.

Blending poster copy

Step #1 - Prep (prime if needed)

Step #2 - Paint one coat of each color, butting the colors up to one another. You don't need to blend the first coat. (ASCP Chalk Paint)

Step #3 - Paint the second coat, the top color and then the bottom color and blend together with smooth long strokes using a dry brush until you get the look you want.

Step #4 - Paint all the trim (door edges, inside edge)

Step #5 - Top Coat (afflink: CrystaLac's water-based polyurethane)

Step #6 - Stencil

Step #7 - Top Coat

Step #8 - Use glaze to antique (Wise Owl Black Glaze)

Step #9 - Topcoat

Blended Cab cu copy
Blended Cab cu2 copy
Blended Cabinet FB IG copy

Would you like to see how I got crisp lines using painter's tape on the inside of the cabinet? Sometimes a tip from someone who's been doing it a while can be a real game changer.

I'm an avid stenciler, so this method came very easy for me.

I had a little fun while staging the piece for Marketplace. Have you ever tried to get a cat to pose?

Mia definitely had a mind of her own. The last 2 shots, the ones I was trying to get from the start only came when I had given up (stinker little cat!) and had put away my camera. Fortunately I grabbed my camera quick enough to get them, FINALLY!

cat photo shoot2
cat photo shoot4
cat photo shoot5
cat photo shoot6
cat photo shoot7
cat photo shoot9
cat photo shoot8

This was a fun project. What have you painted recently? Tell me about your latest project. Did you run into any problems? Did you like how it came out? Was the final outcome how you envisioned it when you started?

So many questions. I'm interested!

Have you joined my forum yet? This week we are talking about stenciling. Come join us if you've not yet! Go here >>> Furniture Flipping Forum


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