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  Hi there, Because we love our DIY home, I am here to share with you some of the things we’ve learned along the way. I’m married to Mark, nicknamed DH (Darling Hubby). We’re just normal people trying to be good stewards of our money while we create a home that not only is comfortable, and inviting, but affordable as well. We raised 15 kids – 13 special needs adopted, 2 homemade We are retired from full-time ministry where I taught for 9 years in the church school I homeschooled for a few years We live in Wisconsin, transplanted from Michigan I now teach furniture flipping online There is no reason to re-invent the wheel if someone else has already done it – so I share with you what I’ve learned here on LMDH. Sharing ideas is how many of us improve our homes and enjoy some of the better … Read more

Love My DIY Home