Unique Sixteen Drawer Cabinet Redesign (PART 2)

My last post here on LMDH showed you my latest project for my workshop, and the designs of the first four drawer fronts. Today I'm showing you four more.

I'm using it for my random tools and furniture parts that were scattered all over my workshop.

Each drawer is designed differently to not only show my own personality, but to also showcase some different furniture redesign techniques on a teeny tiny scale.

Here is the first post in case you've not seen it: Unique Sixteen Drawer Cabinet Redesign PART 1.



16 Drawer Cabinet BEFORE

To prepare a piece for paint, DH and I first needed to clean, sand and prime:

  1. Remove the Colonial looking top part.
  2. Cleaned with Krud Kutter and scuff sand.
  3. Shore up the drawers so they fit well.
  4. Spray prime it with oil-based primer.

The piece is rustic, so I didn't feel like I had to make it perfect. Sometimes the blemishes make it more charming, and in this case, it only added to the look.


I paired it with an end table, painted in Gothic Gray to match - here are the PRODUCTS USED: Ultratique Gothic Gray and the Royal Collection Silver Leaf Metallic.


16 Drawer Cabinet AFTER

Now let's talk about the second set of four, #3, 4, 7 & 8:


Here's the Deets


I numbered the drawers before I took them out so I'd know which ones fit in that particular spot. Handcrafted pieces can be irregular and this one was not exception.


Drawer #3 - HONEY BEE

This has Retique It Spiced Cider Ultratique as the base and the bee stencil is Burnt Umber acrylic stencil paint. The drawer front is glazed with Barnwood and sealed with gloss Polyacrylic.

PRODUCTS USED (All Retique It)
Ultratique Spiced Cider All-in -One Paint
Barnwood Glaze & Stain
Polyacrylic - Gloss
Wonder Brush


Drawer #4 - Linen Gray

The base color is light gray acrylic paint with Classic Black Wood'n Stain streaked opposite of the grain with a chip brush (with paint I allowed to dry to make it stiff to be used this way. I used matte Polyacrylic to seal.

Retique It Wood'n Stain - Black
Retique It Polyacrylic - Matte


Drawer #7 - GET IN GEAR

The base color is a dark blue acrylic paint glazed with Classic Black Stain & Glaze and distressed to reveal the white primer below, sealed with Matte Polyacrylic. Gears are metal and glued by Alene's Tacky Glue.

Black Glaze & Stain
Alene's Glue
Retique It Polyacrylic - Matte



The base is Dark Liquid Wood with Black Wood'n Stain brushed on. The stencil is Copper Metallic with gloss Polyacrylic and then Pearl Hemp Finishing Wax by Pixie Dust was added.


Retique It Wood'n Stain - Black
Retique It Dark Liquid Wood
Polyacrylic - Gloss
Chroma Copper Metallic Paint

Next up: Drawers 9, 10, 13 & 14. Most of the products used on this piece came from FurnitureFlippingMarket.com. I looked for years for a company with excellent products owned by trustworthy and honest people. Retique It fit the bill and now I have a website that features those products. Come take a look and try some products. You won't be disappointed.

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