Unique Sixteen Drawer Cabinet Redesign (PART 3)

Today I'm showing you how I designed four more drawer fronts.

I'm enjoying using it for my random tools and furniture parts that were scattered all over my workshop and it doesn't hurt that the cabinet is super cute either. I like having prettying things around me, especially in my workshop because it inspires me.

Each drawer is designed differently to not only show my own personality, but to also showcase some different furniture redesign techniques on a teeny tiny scale.

Here are the other posts in case you've not seen them: Unique Sixteen Drawer Cabinet Redesign (PART 1), and Unique Sixteen Drawer Cabinet Redesign (PART 2).



16 Drawer Cabinet BEFORE

To prepare a piece for paint, DH and I first needed to clean, sand and prime:

  1. Remove the Colonial looking top part.
  2. Cleaned with Krud Kutter and scuff sand.
  3. Shore up the drawers so they fit well.
  4. Spray prime it with oil-based primer.

The piece is rustic, so I didn't feel like I had to make it perfect. Sometimes the blemishes make it more charming, and in this case, it only added to the look.


I paired it with an end table, painted in Gothic Gray to match - here are the PRODUCTS USED: Ultratique Gothic Gray and the Royal Collection Silver Leaf Metallic.


16 Drawer Cabinet AFTER

Now let's talk about the third set of four, #9,10,13 & 14:


Here's the Deets

I numbered the drawers before I took them out so I'd know which ones fit in that particular spot. Handcrafted pieces can be irregular and this one was not exception. It was also my intention to be very random in the drawer front designs.


Drawer #9 - CREATE

This drawer was first painted with black acrylic paint and then silver and gold metallic paint painted over it, with lines drawn vertically and horizontally with a graning tool. The word CREATE is spelled with metal tile letters, glued on with Alene's craft glue.

Black acrylic paint
Metal Scrapbooking Letters
Alene's Craft Glue
Graining Tool


Drawer #10 - ORANGE SWIRL

The swirls are raised stenciling using Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. The orange painted base color is Retique It's Spiced Cider glazed with Charcoal Glaze & Stain. It is sealed with Gloss Polyacrylic.

Spiced Cider Ultratique
Charcoal Glaze & Stain
Gloss Polyacrylic
Putty Knife
stencil, stencil brush
Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty
Aleene's Craft Glue


Drawer #13 - I ♥ TEXTURE

Spiced Cider Ultratique mixed with Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty gave this drawer front a nice texture, and after it dried, I painted over with a light gray acrylic paint in the same way I normally use Saltwash for texture. Once dry, I sanded it to bring out the orange and then sealed it with Polyacrylic.

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty
Spiced Cider Ultratique
Light gray acrylic paint
Retique It Polyacrylic - Matte
3M Flexible Sanding Sheets


Drawer #14 - KITTY PRINTS

The base color is French Beige Ultratique distressed. The kitty paw prints are stenciled with Alabaster Ultratique. The wood heart from the dollar store is glued on with Aleene's Craft Glue and highlighted with gold, platinum and copper metallics. The drawer front is sealed with matte Polyacrylic with gold metallic paint mixed in to make it glisten.

Aleene's Craft Glue
French Beige Ultratique
Alabaster Ultratique
Chroma Metallic Paints
stencil, stencil brush
3M Flexible Sanding Sheets

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