Let’s Connect!

How important is a warm and inviting home?
How important is it to be a self-sufficient family?

If your answer is, "VERY" then you and I (LMDH) are a good fit.

Love My DIY Home

My goal at Love My DIY Home is to provide my readers with ideas and tips on:

  • DIY projects for the home and family
  • Alternates to traditional healthcare
  • Preparing for a future family crisis

These are topics I have been researching and will pass on to you.

My project mantra is:

Project Mantra

I'm not going to show you how to cross stitch or how to use embroidery hoops to frame pictures. I want projects that look like they stepped out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Seriously, don't we all deserve to have a beautiful home and a healthy and happy family?

I have joined the Ultimate Blog Party to meet other bloggers with similar blogs to mine:

Ultimate Blog Party

Thanks for stopping by! Please visit my About Page and find out who I am and why you should come back for a visit. If you're a blogger, check out the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party.

Please subscribe to my future posts and make some comments – that's how we will get to know each other.
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I've just started a Google+ account, and am also on LinkedIn and Twitter (just joined!)
I have a personal blog at Mom of Many if you'd like to hear about our large family and ministry. Yes, that's my family – 15 children and one son-in-law back in 2004. We now have 6 sons-in-law and 11 grandkids who are spead all over the country.
Our family
We have started a new business making leather holsters – come visit us at Adark Holsters. (You can hop on over there and give us a "Like" at our FB page Adark Holsters too!)
Adark Holsters a leather holster company
So whatever is your preferred social site, please find me…
I would love to connect!


We are busy, busy people, but never too busy to make new friends and encourage others along the way.

But before you leave, I'm curious:

  • What do you look for in a DIY website?
  • What types of projects are most appealing to you?
  • Are you a blogger in the DIY Niche?
  • Are you a prepper (prepared pantry)?

Val Frania LMDH

Here are a few of my fave posts:

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21 thoughts on “Let’s Connect!

    • Nice to meet you, Christina! Thanks for visiting. I’ve wanted to connect with other DIY’ers. I’ll come for a visit!

    • Thank Linda, The blogosphere is a great place to get new ideas. Just when I think there can’t be anything new out there I’m surpised!

  1. Stopping by from the UBP, I'm having fun meeting new friends and find great new ideas. I love your bathroom makeover, it looks so much nicer. You have a beautiful family, I can tell there is a lot of love that goes around your home.

    Looking forward to see what you share next!


  2. Great Blog. I found you  through UBP. Just finished reading the photo frame series. Look forward to spending more time here exploring!

  3. Hi! I came over from the UBP and your DIY title caught my attention. I really wish I were more DIY and want to learn! Also, now that I have two children I TOTALLY respect what a wonderful mother you must be! Wow.. Just wow. Well done! What a wonderful full home you must have,


  4. Hi Val, following you on Bloglovin now!  I do a lot of DIY, and enjoy seeing new projects in all kind of media.  Thanks for participating in UBP14.

  5. Played with all your social media icons and liked, followed and posted my way through your post. Thanks for sharing your projects. Just up my alley, working on buying a fix it up home. All just TLC projects and browsing your post has a lot of good content to help me on my way to a beautiful home.

  6. Creating makes me happy too! And, I love your attitude. I totally "get" what you are saying about being excited…thinking, dreaming, planning, doing, blogging about it…if only I didn't have to sleep! 🙂

    Kudos for your investment in your family. What a rich blessing!

    I'm visiting from the UBP and am so glad I did! I'm looking forward to connecting and visiting again. 

    • Karen, you sound like a kindred spirit. I honestly need to be able to never sleep to get everything accomplised I have whilrling around in my head! And yes, I def want to connect. I’m heading on over now!


  7. Hi there! Following you on G+ and added you to my UBP list on Twitter. Looking forward to getting to know more about you. I am just now getting into DIY for my new home. I'm a begginer and get most of my inspiration from other bloggers and Pinterest. 🙂 

    • Hi Trish, thanks for coming by. I LOVE DIY projects. Pinterest is a great inspiration for me too, as well as Hobby Lobby, furniture stores, haha! Anything and everything inspires me when it come to DIY. It’s not hard – jump in!


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