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5 Simple DIY Christmas Decoration Projects for December

  Making your own holiday decorations is a great way to deck the halls with friends and family. There’s no need to waste money on store bought goods when similar and oftentimes superior products can be crafted in the comfort of your own home. Getting the family together to create holiday decorations creates a sense of togetherness, and the beautiful end result speaks for itself. If you love Christmas and DIY crafts, the following holiday project ideas are sure to satisfy your creative urges. Wrapping in Style Photo by PermaCultured via Flickr When we think about Christmas decorations, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the tree, but what about the gifts? Wrapping gifts with style turns your presents into an extra decoration in your home. Functional decorations such as this blur the line between holiday tradition and aesthetic, adding a whole new dimension to your decor. A … Read more

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