crisis chart by cooldesign

Survival in a Crisis: DIY Pantry Preparedness – Using Food Dehydrators

This year I’m focusing on DIY Preparedness for my home and family. How do you think you would do if your family experienced a disaster? Image courtesy of cooldesign / Earlier this week I addressed the need for an emergency fund as described by Dave Ramsey. Have you considered what you would do if suddenly there was a food shortage in your hometown, state or even across the country? There is a video online that walks you through the need for preparedness – click here to watch it. I will warn you, it’s one of those annoying videos that you have to read, can’t fast forward or pause. My son-in-law and I bought the booklet they recommended at the end, and I’m glad we did. It opened my eyes and gave us some good ideas. Right now they are selling it for $37. I’m currently working through Uncensored Survival. … Read more

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