Free Word Art – You’re My Favorite

Happy Monday, my people! I have created a free word art for you today. Feel free to download it by clicking on the photo below or on its title just below the word art. It is formatted as an 8×10 JPG so you can go get it printed as a photo suitable for framing. If you click the banner above, you will be able to download another free word art in April that I have made exclusively for those on my newsletter list. LMDH newsletters have a link giving you access to my free word art downloadables page. Free is good. You’re My Favorite (8×10 JPG) Enjoy.

Do You DWO or DIY? {Love My DIY Home}

Do You DWO or DIY?

Do You DWO or DIY? We are now through the Christmas season and it’s time to think about perspective and balance with the new year just around the corner. I heard complaining – a LOT of complaining about the “cost” of Christmas and how it has become a boring/stressful/unremarkable/frustrating time of year. This set me to thinking. Why do some people dread this holiday season? They forget (or don’t care) about the reason for the season. They wait until the last minute to buy gifts and end up spending too much money. They take no delight in the music or decorations, seeing them as commercial and garish – reminders of the stress of the Christmas season. They see their family and friends as sponges, trying to suck the life out of them – they are hard to buy for or appear unthankful and selfish. Their gift giving becomes an expected … Read more

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