DIY Jewelry Making – Basic Earrings YouTube Tutorial

Jillian, my youngest, started making earrings years ago when she was in highschool. Then April, my oldest started making them just a few years ago to sell on etsy and at craft shows. Not wanting to be left behind, I began making them as well and now I am totally addicted! I recently made about 240 pair of earrings over a four day period. Anyone want to count them and tell me how many there actually are? You can see I’m missing a couple pair – I had my mom pick out some that she would like for Christmas. When I say this DIY project is easy, I mean E.A.S.Y. I know, I know, I’m always saying these projects are easy, but if you know me, you would know I wouldn’t do a project like this if it was difficult…or messy…or intricate. When I taught school, I was known as … Read more

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