4 Alzheimer Friendly Home Modifications {Love My DIY Home}

4 DIY Alzheimer’s Friendly Home Modifications – Guest Post by Mike Good

As we grow older, we start to discover that our homes no longer meet our physical needs as smoothly as when we were younger. Stairs become harder to climb, we trip on transitions that never impeded us before or the lighting seems dull, making it harder to read. Stairs take on an elegant and inviting quality when adorned with stylish stair runners, adding both beauty and functionality to the home. It becomes important to keep our changing needs in mind anytime we do a home modification. Also, many of us will find the need to move an older loved one into our home, some of whom may have Alzheimer’s or another dementia. The unique needs and challenges posed by having Alzheimer’s puts a unique twist on any DIY project. Alzheimer’s is not just about losing one’s memory. Among other things, Alzheimer’s also steals a person’s reasoning, visual perceptions, coordination, and … Read more

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