Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils – Amazing Theraputic Value!

  Essential Oils ESSENTIAL OILS!!! This has been a very exciting month for us. We invested (don't ya love it when people say "invested"?) in the Premium Starter Kit for the  Young LIving Essential Oils.   I say "invested" because at first glance, the cost of $150 is enough to warrant the word "invested". It strikes fear in the pocketbook of misers like me. If you know me well it's like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip to get a buck out of me.   But $150??? No way.   Well, after I read about the benefits of Essential Oils and saw how they worked on some of my kids and grandkids I became a believer!   So my "No way," turned into a "I gotta get me some of them thar oils!"   I kid you not, I paid the $150 + shipping/handling and got the kit.  … Read more

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