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DIY Photo Restoration

I have a friend … Truth be told, she's more of a seester, and this seester is also my top commentor on Love My DIY Home. Linda and her (my other) sister, Pam, are my adopted sisters – and I even have have a certificate to prove it! Years ago one of them photoshopped my picture into their family photo and made it official.   ⇔ my sisters by choice ⇔ Now that you know who I'm talking about – a while back Linda sent me an old photo that she hoped I could fix. She knew I worked with Photoshop and she had done as much as she could using her little jenky program. Ha! If you know anyone who uses Adobe products, you know we are snobby when it comes to design programs.   I started out using Publisher years ago and would die before going back to … Read more

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