DIY Newborn Photos {Love My DIY Home}

Do It Yourself Photo Session – NEWBORN BABY!

Madison My daughter Jillian and I recently did a newborn baby girl photo shoot for my new granddaughter, Madison Grace. Have you priced photo shoots lately? I have and it’s not pretty. There is no reason you can’t do your own and do it well. The background in the above picture was the Jones’ living room curtains. Maddie is laying on her crib quilt atop my DVD basket from my living room propped on my bigger basket that we use to store winter gloves and scarves that sits in my entry way.> There is nothing more fun than taking pictures of our new baby and being able to say, “I took that.” Our oldest daughter, April, had Madison a week ago. It’s her home that I followed during their remodel in my series, “Keeping Up With the Joneses.” See their posts below: The Kitchen Before; Kitchen Demolition; Preparing the Walls; … Read more

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