[VIDEO] Get PRO Results (Part 7) – How-to Minimize Brush Strokes When Priming

[VIDEO] Get PRO Results Furniture Painting Tips for Beginners >> Part 7 << The video below is the seventh in a mini series sharing some PRO tips about furniture painting. Below are the direct links to the videos on Youtube ICYMI. Video #1: 14 Furniture Painting Tips Video #2: 7 Furniture Painting Tips Video #3: 3 Methods for Painting Furniture Without Tape Video #4: How to Paint Crisp Lines w/ Tape Video #5: How to Close Paint Lids Properly Video #6: How to Strain Oil-based Primer   Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there. Link to my video on Youtube if video doesn’t play: https://youtu.be/YYSmh1vlNLE The Method explained in the video: 7 Tips for getting your primer on without brush strokes NOTE: This is what I do – by all means, find out what works best for you! ¬†WANT TIPS? Do you do contract work? Protect … Read more

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