2 Candle Holders Upcycled = A DIY Bird Feeder

Do you have an eye? Do you have an eye for upcycling? The craziest Goodwill finds can be combined to make useful and trendy home decor. Ya just gotta see it – imagine possibilities and be willing to experiment. That’s the case with these two candle holders – 1+1=1 For this tutorial, I’m going to be very specific and detailed – not because it’s a difficult or very detailed project, but because I want you to see the process for how a project comes together. Simple or complex, each project requires planning and contemplation for it to come together. Do you see how they can combine to make a one-of-a-kind bird feeder? 1. Turn the candle holder into a cup by creating a larger area to hold the bird seed. This is what it looked like “before.” DH called in the big guns for this job – it’s called a … Read more

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