DIY Enhancing of a Side Table {Love My DIY Home}

DIY Enhancing of a Chippy Side Table

You can find the most amazing things in the least interesting places… Some guy had a cabinet from a storage auction advertised on Facebook – while my DH and I looking at it in his garage full of “junk” with my DD and SIL, I meandered around and started asking him, “How much for that…how much for that?” We left with 5 pieces of furniture. One was a beat up paint chipped, lonely, begging to be found and fixed, side table. At first we thought to paint and antique it, but after cleaning it up there was no doubt that it already had character. It just needed a little help expressing itself. Ya know…you could go out to Hobby Lobby (I heart Hobby Lobby) and just buy a chippy side table (for a ton of money). They have lots of shabby chic pieces available. But how cool would it be … Read more

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