Ten Days of Techniques

I'm doing something a little different for my FB members over the next ten days and wanted to invite you to join us! In one of my Facebook groups, Furniture Flipping Basics, I'm posting over 20 furniture flipping technique videos.

This group is comprised mostly of new furniture artists and I want to help my members to grow their redesign skills. I'm also doing a soft opening of my 2 online memberships for those who want to learn even more - the A to Z soup to nuts furniture redesign (FFB REDESIGN), and redesign AND marketing for those who want it all and join the FFB PRO membership!

So if you want some tips and how-tos, come join us Oct. 1-10. Go here: Furniture Flipping Basics.

Here's a video explaining what we're going to be doing. See you there!

Love My DIY Home