Parade of Homes 2014 | Love My DIY Home

Parade of Homes 2014 – Part 2

When you see homes that are newly built, staged and on display, do you get the   gimme gots?   I do. Yep. I admit it.   I made a decision a long time ago to enjoy seeing what others have but not to let it make me want something out of my reach. It's all about perspective. But the … Read more

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Free Downloadable Tool List

  Come Join LMDH I’ve worked on it for a year now and would love it if you would officially join me at (wish I could do a drum roll): This site for the wanna-be DIY’er, almost DIY’er, thinking about bein’ a DIY’er and already doin’ DIY’ers This is my passion and I hope it will be yours too. That’s … Read more

Parade of Homes 2014 | Love My DIY Home

Parade of Homes 2014 – Part 1

Umm, I'll take one of each… We did our yearly jaunt with friends this year to the Wausau area Parade of Homes for our much needed yearly inspiration and laughs. Inspiration came from each home we visited. Laughs came from the wives watching the DH's navigate the Parade of Homes map.   Oh my. Some of them were beautiful! I'll … Read more

Fifty cent tile table topper | Love My DIY Home

What Does One Do With a Fifty Cent Tile?

What does one do with a 50¢ 12X12 tile? Tile a floor (a VERY small floor) Use it as a cutting board Use it as a trivit (for a VERY big mug) Paint it with chalkboard paint and prop it against the counter top for a menu Put it beneath a plant to protect your floor Use it as a … Read more

Mason jar shelf redo | Love My DIY Home

Accidental Artist Strikes Again… DIY Mason Jar Shelf Redo

I've mentioned this before…sometimes my best ideas come from mistakes or accidents. This is the case of the redo. A couple of years ago our daughter, Jillian, said she wanted a shelving unit for her nail polishes – we're talkin' 100 bottles. Since one of my kids wanted something, of course I would spend the next few months looking for … Read more