Go bold or go home {Love My DIY Home}

Color Choices – Go Bold or Go Home

Do you ever feel it’s time to color outside the lines? Do you go to the store to buy paint or curtains or your next set of couch pillows and end up bringing home pretty much the same thing you bought last time and then wonder why you’re not excited about it? Or, have you taken that step into Willy Wonka’s world and gone crazy with color? Or style. Or texture? I always wondered why people were so in love with animal prints. I SMH over hot pink painted bookshelves and pillows that look like exploded rosettes. But… change is in the wind. The time to plunge into adventure and throw caution to that wind is here. Color Choices It’s time to crawl out of the brown/white/beige cave and look for something different. A new lease on decorating life started with a new bed set. Yep. A bed set. That was a defining moment. My daughter texted an advertisement of … Read more

Free Word Art – You’re My Favorite

Happy Monday, my people! I have created a free word art for you today. Feel free to download it by clicking on the photo below or on its title just below the word art. It is formatted as an 8×10 JPG so you can go get it printed as a photo suitable for framing. If you click the banner above, you will be able to download another free word art in April that I have made exclusively for those on my newsletter list. LMDH newsletters have a link giving you access to my free word art downloadables page. Free is good. You’re My Favorite (8×10 JPG) Enjoy.

Balcony Gardens {Love My DIY Home}

Building a Balcony Garden – Guest Post by Dane O’Leary

A Step-By-Step Guide Even the urban dwellers among us should know the joys of gardening. In fact, balconies are a wonderful opportunity for you to unleash your inner botanist while utilizing your outdoor space in a functional, beautiful way. You may not see that limited outdoor space as being capable of sustaining a miniature Garden of Eden of your very own, but just about any balcony can become an urban oasis with a little planning and these simple steps.   Step One: Planning Before diving into gardening therapy, you need to plan your balcony garden. This is a very important step that will determine how your space will be organized and what you’ll need to pull it all together. It’s a good idea to measure the space so you can figure out what size pots and planters will work best for your individual space.   Another tip is to utilize your vertical space, so consider mounting your green friends on … Read more

How to Upcycle an Antique Door – Part 2

In How to Upcycle an Antique Door Part 1, I showed you how I had painted brown on one side. Now I will show you what I did to the other side. I kid you not – this is by far the coolest project I’ve done and you could for sure do this yourself. Now you’ll see what I did to the other side and the end product. Here are the two sides… IN THE RAW This is the one side that I painted brown that you read about last week. Now let’s look at side two. MATERIALS (Affiliate Links) Sanding Sponge Rust-Oleum 2x Painters Touch Spray Paint American Decor Creme Wax Hobby Lobby Hardware 1 ” Corner Brackets Step One – Side Two: Clean and sand, but not so much that you lose the textured layers of old paint. I used a (afflink) Sanding Sponge, Fine/Medium. These sanding sponges are easy to use and if you don’t use too … Read more