Neon Clipboard Transformation {Love My DIY Home}

Neon Clipboard Transformation – Just a Bit of Whimsy for the Craft Room

I have a super easy craft – well, I probably shouldn’t even use the word “craft”. It’s While walking through Walmart, I always walk through the office supplies department. Have you seen the black lucite clipboards for $2.44 that were accented with neon clips? Oh boy. Neon. perfect for my new craft room. Perfect for a little bit of decoration. … Read more

Brush Paint Vs. Spray Paint – Before and After Nightstand

I have a before and after antique nightstand redo for you today. And it only cost $1.25. BUT, let it be known…next time I tell you I’m going to brush paint a piece of furniture using traditional paint, please stop me. Seriously. Stop me. I thought I’d give it a whirl but the whirl turned into a relentless week of … Read more

Painted Pegboard for DIY Craft Room {Love My DIY Home}

Decorative Peg Board – Craft Room Decor

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose,” ~ Dolly Parton. Imagine a place where your most inner self can feel at peace. For some it’s in their garage restoring an automobile. Others it’s behind a pulpit, sitting in front of a MAC or Pfaff sewing machine. Do you have a place like that? Possibly, if you are … Read more