Weeds for Sale – Dirt Cheap! A Fun Garden Sign

  Weeds 4 Sale – Dirt Cheap! DH replaced the steps leading to our basement, so I took the old boards and painted a sign for the garden – my “step garden” behind my garage. I’ll show you the before and afters of that later, but for now, here is how I did my sign (super easy): 1. Grab a board, any board. I used an old one with chippy paint – very rustic and not good for much else. 2. Hand draw your wording – you don’t have to be perfect. Just write it on and paint the letters with black paint and a little paint brush. I saw this saying on Pinterest – by Shelley at Sow and Dipity. She has so many really cute signs.   3. Take some sand paper and rough it up a bit to make it consistently “worn looking.”   4. Add a … Read more

How the Ministry Groomed me for DIY Blogging (Christian Mommy Blogger}

Guest Post on Christian Mommy Blogger

If you know me, you know about my ministry history.   Ha! I'm a poet don't ya know it?  Ministry…history…oh never mind.   I have a guest post on Christian Mommy Blogger today that explains how the ministry led me to being a DIY Blogger.     I know, right? Quite an unusual statement? Well, go read my story and you'll see.   Then when you are done reading it, I'd like to hear your thoughts.     God is good. He knows what He's doing… AND we can trust Him to manage our crazy, mixed up lives.   I'm blown away by what God has done for me.   I hope you can say that too – about your life.   If so, tell me about it! (But first go read my guest post here.)    

Quick Tip: Use a Golf Tee to Fix a Door Hinge from Houzz.com

Houzz.com shows us a quick way to fix hinges when the screw has been stripped, originating from Grainda Buildres, Inc.   You will need a hammer, wood glue, a golf tee and sharp utility knife, and of course a screwdriver or pliers to yank out the screw.   It probably wouldn't hurt to have a drill on hand  for a new pilot hole to hold the new screw.   I suppose you will also need a wobbly door hinge.   Just click on the picture to go to the tutorial. Thanks Houzz.com!       Go to Houzz.com to see the whole tutorial.   If you have a stripped phillips screw head, place an elastic band between the screw head and the screwdriver to give yourself more grip.    

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