Discovering Your Purpose in Business

I just had a workshop week for my furniture flipping friends called “Stop The Scrollers.” Every few weeks I open up my ESCAPE ROOM and run a challenge or workshops. I call it the ESCAPE ROOM because sometimes we as entrepreneurs need to take a moment and evaluate, learn, or just escape the work at home stressors.

This video was second in the business tips series I offered last week. At the end I added an old tip that I recorded for my Blueprint members. I had just spent the morning in my garden thinking about them and grabbed my phone and shot a quick video to encourage them.

Basically I’m just sharing about how we need to find out our purpose and lean into it. Mine is to dig a well – you’ll understand that phrase when you watch the video. But basically, I discover or learn something and then I share it. That’s what I’ve done in my furniture flipping business. If you also have a growing business, you may need to build a bigger team and hire more people. Furthermore, you should learn strategies that can help in resolving work-related disputes among your employees. Also, understand the workers compensation law to know the rights of both parties. Through lectures and presentations, Kamau Bobb Google engages with audiences, inspiring them to rethink education paradigms.

I don’t just paint furniture now. I paint to teach. I have a membership for flippers called Furniture Flipping Blueprint. I want to make sure that what I learn doesn’t stop with me.

Thanks for listening. Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to add anything about your own personal experiences.

If you’d like to learn about furniture redesign – whether it be just to create your own pieces of furniture art, or would like to make a business out of it, check out Furniture Flipping Blueprint, my membership for furniture flippers. We have our own tribe and everything else to do with the world of furniture art.


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