Essential Oils in the Dryer? Yes, Please. (And a Giveaway!)

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We’re always looking for new ways to use essential oils.
Last year I bought these nifty wool dryer balls for some of my kids but for some reason I didn’t end up with any. So when I got the chance to try these out, I jumped!
They came in the mail a couple of days ago from Got Oil Supplies and I’ve been busy trying them out on all different types of laundry.
Wool Dryer Balls {Love My DIY Home}
First, my pillows.
I have some very nice pillows – we discovered them while on a trip back to Michigan while staying in a hotel. They were so comfy we ordered some for ourselves even though they were very expensive! I was a little leary about washing them because pillows often end up thrown away after washing them, but since these dryer balls got such great reviews both online and in our family, I trusted them and washed and dried them in the traditional way, but with all four dryer balls thrown in and doused with Young Living lavender essential oils. Lavender is known for improving restful sleep, so it was a good combination – quality pillows with lavender.
Not only did the pilllows wash up nicely, but when they dried with the lavender scented wool balls, they came out fluffy and smelling divine – a win win! Add the fact that they are all natural you could say, “Win, win, and win!” We are trying to eliminate as many chemicals in our home as possible.
{TIP: Add your lavender in the last few minutes of the dryer cycle to enhance the scent.}
Wool dryer balls are a good replacement for the dryer sheets that contain harsh chemicals and perfumes – you can use these all natural wool dryer balls to help you remove static electricity.  Wool dryer balls are even a natural fabric softener, they are reusable and they help your clothes dry more effectively too. 
{TIP: For added static relief, you can pin some safety pins onto them.} 
Next, Livingroom Curtains
These were another, “Put off ’till I’m sure they’ll be OK” laundry project. Since we’re redoing our livingroom, the curtains came down to be washed. Being they are rubber backed, I felt confident that the 4 wool balls would be a good way to keep the rubber backing soft while in the dryer on the air-only cycle. I was not disappointed – rubber backing intact.

One step closer to an easier, more economic natural living is such an encouragement to me. Do you strive to be more natural in your home environment?

Wool Dryer Balls {Love My DIY Home}
SO! Since I tried and liked, Got Oil Supplies has graciously offered to do a giveaway for you, my faithful readers! If you’d like your own set of wool dryer balls, leave a comment and I’ll have a drawing next week.
The winner will be chosen Friday, October 6. I hope you win!
Leave a comment below why you’d like a set and what scent you’d use on them if you won – I’ll draw from a hat from the names of those who comment. (Giveaway is over, thanks to all who entered!)
Sandra Gallant, you are the winner!
(contact me asap!)
* Disclosure: Got Oil Supplies provided the dryer balls for an honest review and the giveaway. All opinions are my own. I only link to items that I think would benefit my readers. This contest is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for this contest’s purposes.

34 thoughts on “Essential Oils in the Dryer? Yes, Please. (And a Giveaway!)”

  1. Our youngest daughter just moved into her first apartment. These would be great for her with some type of citrus scent. Im thinking lemon or orange?  TY so much!

  2. One of my favorite essential oils is sweet orange, a very refreshing scent. I would definitely try that one with the wool dryer balls if I won!

  3. I use dryer balls frequently but the ones I use are rubber with spikes and one of them came apart in the dryer the other day so I had to pitch it. I'm now down to one with limited life left in it.  Would I love these? That would be a profound YES!!  Essential oils are the best.  Thank you.

  4. Hello there, I am a new subscriber.  Just went through your tutorials on Nora and Cora, they are beauties!  I have been doing house cleaning chemical free for a few years now.  I use Norwex cloths but hadn't purchased the dryer balls yet due to expense.  Dryer sheets vanished from my home years ago after a friend's home burned from a dryer induced fire.  I learned about essential oils from my favorite massage therapist (my daughter!)  She uses essential oils to make ointments for healing.  Would love  to try Got Oil Supplies on dryer balls!  I appreciate your  tips and tutorials!

  5. Hi!

    I am trying to live a cleaner life because I am in 3rd stage Kidney disease. These dryer balls would be one more step! Thank you for the chance! I also love the smell of lavender!

  6. I would love these. I want to only use natural items in my home for cleaning.  These essential oil balls would be wonderful.


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