Growing Your Redesign Skills

Have You "Arrived" Yet?

"You don't know what you don't know." AND... "The  more I learn, the more I realize I don't know."

Have you considered taking a class or joining a group that will help you become a better artist? Specifically...a furniture artist.


Finding Your Tribe

I have created a membership for aspiring artists that teaches all things furniture flipping (redesign and marketing). It's called Furniture Flipping Blueprint because it's a step-by-step 24/7/365 online manual. Those who join FFB also join my FB group, Furniture Flipping Blueprint PRO where we exchange ideas and challenge one another to grow our skills.

Along with group membership, some of us meet up once a year to work on our furniture redesign skills.

There's nothing like being in a learning group that challenges and inspires. We have a group like that and you are invited to join us. You can go to my Blueprint page to find out more and see if its a good fit for you: Furniture Flipping Blueprint

Meanwhile, I'm sharing a compilation of our meet-up doings via video & a few photos below. Each time I have a meet-up at my house for my members, they come as online acquaintances and leave in-person friends. It's so nice to put a face to the name and actually get to know someone you've only chatted with online.

Let me know if you have questions either in an email ( or in a comment.

It could be YOU next year in the video, learning and doing together with other furniture artists, improving your skills and growing your confidence.

I've linked the products we used at our meet-up for my members' convenience. Some are Amazon afflinks, some are from Furniture Flipping Market and others to the company website.



Retique It Liquid Wood, RI Wood 'N Stain, RI Gel Stain, RI Wood'N Primer, RI Wood Filler, RI Ultratique All-in-One Paint, RI Gold Wax, RI Polyacrylic, Graining tools, Hook & pic tool set, Contour scraper, Wonder Brush, Sponge brushes, Round Brushes, Wooster Shortcut Brush, Stencil Brushes, Stencils, Form Flex Compound, Brayer Roller, Popsicle sticks, Prima Moulds, Corn starch, Durham's Wood Putty, Chroma Metallic Paint, Rotary Tool & attachments, General Finishes Patina Green paint, Scotts Rags, Flexible 3M sanding paper, Krud Kutter, Wax Paper

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected." ~ William Plomer

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