Hobby Lobby Hack – or so I thought!

I thought I was going to do a candle holder Hobby Lobby hack…

I’ve been admiring a few pieces of decor in a friend’s house and finally asked if I could do some hacks on her home decor. Check out a picture of my friend’s candle holder – I thought it was from Hobby Lobby but when I asked if I could do a (afflink) Hobby Lobby Hack of her candle holder, she told me it was her own DIY project!  I was surprised (not because she I didn’t think she had it in her, but because it was so Hobby Lobby-ish).


I actually had looked around (afflink) Hobby Lobby to see if I could find it in the store to see how expensive it was so I could do a cost comparison of “Store vs. DIY!”

Here is her candle holder Hobby Lobby look alike:

Hobby Lobby Hack DIY Candle Stand
This is what she said when I asked permission to hack her piece of decor: “The problem is…it’s not expensive! I actually made it. I glued the Hurrican glass on top of the candle holder and then filled it with stones. Makes me feel good that you thought I bought that!”
Well, there you have it. A true DIY’er! Take something ordinary and make it into something people think you spent a lot for and wish they had one like it!

So here is my hack, but it’s not a “Hobby Lobby” Hack like I thought it would be – it’s a “Friend Hack!”

Candle Holder DIY Hack

The candle holder I used was $2.45 on clearance two years ago.  The glass vase was just a dollar; I had used it in my daughter’s wedding three years ago.  The little rocks came from IKEA for $4.00 a few months ago, and I only used half of it.  So, even though the original candle holder wasn’t a $75 Hobby Lobby purchase, my DIY Hack turned out to be a $5.45 win.
Plus … it doesn’t hurt that I no longer feel the need to drool over my friend’s candle holder!

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

What piece of decor do you have in your home that your friends admire?
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7 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Hack – or so I thought!”

  1. Val, I did one from the Dollar Tree. A glass candle stick and glass vase.  I've used everything in it. I've put shells and a candle, acorns and a candle, potpourri, red & silver balls, the list is endless. I enjoy your DIY projects.   Keep 'em coming!

    • @Linda, Thanks again for visiting. You’re my best commentor! I’ll be doing a little ditty on you and your pics soon. You’ll get your 15 seconds of fame, so be watching! LOL


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