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Being a good steward is not the same as behaving or living as a poor person. I kind of think I used to believe that. Back when we were living as a  family of 17 (Did I ever tell you that we raised 15 children?), I spent many, many years doing without because I thought that was what was expected of me – partly because of finances and partly because of a lack of time and what I thought others expected of me.
I also used to think that others could have a trendy, warm and inviting home, but I was too poor, busy, or not cool enough, to have one too. Guess what? Others struggle with having "the perfect" home too. It's not about "perfect" it's about loving what you have and being content with what you have and all its "imperfectness."
 I lacked something in my life, A kind of calm satisfaction that comes with a home when you enjoy the surroundings. But I have since come to the conclusion that being a good steward, or living frugally, doesn't mean DWO (Doing WithOut).
A frugal person is one who keeps their eyes peeled for good deals or opportunities, knows what to do with them, and can change them (DIY) to suit their own personal needs or desires. To be a DIY'er means many things – to take something that is not usable by someone else and turn it into something fabulous for home or family, or come up with a product or method that meets a need, saves money, effort or time. 


If you would like to see projects that require less time, effort and $$ than you would expect, check out the drop down menu under "The Best of LMDH" for ideas.


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Happy hunting!
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