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Years ago our kids sat at our coloring table every day creating their masterpieces for the fridge. The table was multicolored laminate and the chairs were painted oak - in yellow, green, blue and red. We eventually gave away the table, along with one of the chairs - the green one. The yellow, red and blue chairs have sat in our basement for YEARS waiting to be updated. We're talking about 20 years!

I just couldn't part with them. So now they are getting a facelift. One is already done, the other two are on their way to becoming a matched set, hopefully to be kept in the family. I've not decided if I'm going to keep the orange one featured in this post. I probably will.

Here are the BEFORES:

Yellow kids chair
blue & Red kids chair

For the yellow chair, I decided to go with spray paint to save time. There are a lot of surfaces to paint! All those chips and scratches were like little etched memories. To preserve them, I sanded with my random orbital to smooth, but not completely take away, the worn look. My (aflink) Festool Dust Extractor worked great to catch all the dust.

After that, I sprayed orange Rustoleum Painter's Touch just enough to cover... and then sanded a bit to bring out more of the yellow base coat.

Orange Oak Chair Corner Edgejpg

There's just enough of the yellow peeking out to jog the memory. Next came flower and bee stencils to make it fun for the grandkids to sit on it!

Orange Oak Chair FB Money Shot
Orange Oak Chair Front Lft Corner CU
Orange Oak Chair Seat CU
IMG_8208 copy
Orange Oak Chair Left Leg
Orange Oak Chair Rt Leg2

Can you bee-lieve it?

I'm almost done with the next two, so watch for them! They are going to be totally different from this one - good or bad!

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