Polyacrylic Isn’t Hard to Apply ANY MORE!


When I first started redesigning furniture, the hardest part was working out what methods worked the best - especially when applying glaze and poly. Fortunately after about 2 weeks of stressing and waking up and going to sleep with it on my mind, I finally figured it out.

For glaze, I apply poly first and the glaze goes on so much better.

For poly, I started using a damp car detailer sponge, soaked it in the poly first and then applied in strips, overlapping just a bit and never going back over it because you'd then get drag. Drag is when you go over a part that has already dried and the poly looks cloudy when dry. I added Extender to increase open time so I didn't have to work so fast. I also discovered that humidity and temp in your room made a difference.

It worked fine.


BUT then I discovered Retique It's Polyacrylic.

GAME CHANGER! No more worries. No thought about temperature or humidity in the room. No more trying to apply the poly quickly so it didn't dry too fast. No more drag.

Just apply and you're good to go!


Yep. Total game changer.

My Furniture Flipping Blueprint PRO member, Christine recently told about how she loves Polyacrylic too at our annual meet-up:


Not long ago I opened up an online store because I saw a need for great products for all of the furniture flippers that I mentor online. It's called Furniture Flipping Market. Come for a visit.

If you are a member of my FB group, Furniture Flipping Basics, you'll find a discount code for members who shop at FFM. My Blueprint members get 20% off as a perk for joining the PRO membership.

Using quality products matters.

Happy painting!

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