crisis chart by cooldesign

Helpful Websites for DIY Crisis Prep

  Since looking into pantry preparedness, I've learned a lot along the way and I'd like to share what I've learned. That led me to ask myself, "Am I negligent in the area of crisis preparedness?" I decided I needed to make a list of the helpful websites I found while investigating the subject of crisis preparedness and share them with you. I might as well put all the hours of reasearch to good use both personally and for others.   I will be adding links as I find sites, products, and tips that are helpful.   Information/Checklists SB Canning on Facebook – Tons of canning information and tips Emergency Essentials Preparedness Checklist – "By making the necessary preparations, you can have the confidence of knowing you and your family will have their needs met in an emergency, whether it is an economic, man-made, or natural disaster." Be Prepared Educational … Read more

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