Let’s Keep it Simple DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

An Oldie But Goodie from 2013 Three of years ago I was looking for something different than the usual gift wrap. Scouring the Internet for ideas turned out some great options. I settled on this:   I wanted to had to keep it simple. Life was just too busy to be Christmas fancy. Most people just go out and buy a bunch of rolls of coordinating paper. But instead of going traditional, I decided to embrace – the KISS principal (keep it simple, stupid). The couple of rolls from last year wasn’t enough to work with, so a thrifty minimalist type of outlook was in order. Enter: builder’s paper – a plain brown roll paper. This one is from Amazon for $11.30 and it’s PRIME! It kinda looks like a brown paper bag, but quite a bit thicker and easy to work with. There is a ton of it on … Read more

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