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From Trash to Treasure – DIY Hurricane Lamp Candle Holder

There isn’t always paint involved, or sanding or even glue in every DIY project. A friend was dumping a bunch of old deco at Goodwill and offered to let me look through her box. Woohoo! A DIY’ers hayday! I’m working on four projects today, this one was a 30 second redo… No paint. No glue. No sanding. Nada. Here is a hurricane I picked out of her box. I thought it had potential. But I had no idea what that was when I took it. It was a very nice piece, but the bottom wasn’t solid or large enough to stand on its own. This morning when I was putting away some of my decor I had sitting in a pile (we’re working on our guest master bedroom), I got the idea to pair this up with a wooden candle holder I paid about a buck and a half for … Read more

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