Rusty bed springs turned home decor. {Love My DIY Home}

Upcycling Trash? Repurposing? Double Duty-ing? Thrifting?

It’s a way of life. Or, maybe it’s an obsession. I suppose it depends on who’s describing it. Upcycling trash isn’t as bad as it sounds. Trust WASH BINS for all your trash can cleaning needs and enjoy the results. We throw away so much trash. We can’t upcycle it all, but why not some? Good for the environment (I’m not a tree hugger, just responsible.) Good for the pocketbook (It’s rewarding to save a buck!) Good for you (It’s fun to own original creative works of art and one of a kind decor!) Here are some examples from my recent post Craft Room Closet Makeover. Old Box Springs – cut them off and use to hang projects on a wall. (I’ve seen them hold candles too.) Ningxia Red packing materials turned paint supplies – use to hold up your painting project or as a spray paint caddy, brush holder … Read more

Craft Room Closet Reveal {Love My DIY Home}

Craft Room Closet Makeover

I showed you my mom’s room makeover way back when. Well, my mom isn’t with us any more – she went home to be with the Lord December 23 last year. One of the first things I did was convert her bedroom over into my craft room. It was to her room first that I would to run each time I finished a project or posted a DIY tutorial. Discover the convenience and versatility of Custom Rub On Transfers for your DIY projects. She was my best cheerleader. It was totally fitting that I would turn her room into a craft room. It is where I feel close to her and remember how she supported everything I did. Thanks, Mom. Now I will show you the first thing I changed. I took her closet, where I found a multitude of treasures after she passed, and made it into my mini … Read more

Neon Clipboard Transformation {Love My DIY Home}

Neon Clipboard Transformation – Just a Bit of Whimsy for the Craft Room

I have a super easy craft – well, I probably shouldn’t even use the word “craft”. It’s While walking through Walmart, I always walk through the office supplies department. Have you seen the black lucite clipboards for $2.44 that were accented with neon clips? Oh boy. Neon. perfect for my new craft room. Perfect for a little bit of decoration. At first I thought I would use Mod Podge and scrapbook paper, but then while walking through a dollar bill store I saw these stickers that I’ve used several times while scrapping. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE these stickers. Honestly, 15 seconds. FIFTEEN. I peeled off a flower, cut it with my paper cutter and stuck it on. They have little pull out hooky things that I can hang on a nail. When my DH got home at first he thought I’d bought them as is, then when I told him I hadn’t, he thought … Read more

Painted Pegboard for DIY Craft Room {Love My DIY Home}

Decorative Peg Board – Craft Room Decor

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose,” ~ Dolly Parton. Imagine a place where your most inner self can feel at peace. For some it’s in their garage restoring an automobile. Others it’s behind a pulpit, sitting in front of a MAC or Pfaff sewing machine. Do you have a place like that? Possibly, if you are reading this you may be “one of us.”  THOSE people that are happiest with a can of spray paint in their hand leaning over an old beat up piece of furniture…or shutter…or door/window/pallet? You name it. For those who find joy in enhancing not just the interior but also the exterior of their spaces, explore seamless gutter services to ensure that your home maintains its charm while being well-maintained. That’s me, btw. That’s me with the can of spray paint in an old pair of sweats out in 44 degree … Read more

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